Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its your gradual descent into a life you never meant

i find that doing things deliberately and with purpose often leads to heartbreak and pain -- but going through life without trying anything, without attempting anything monumental, without loving with all you have can leave you empty. i would rather feel pain and heartbreak tenfold than to be numb.

I did all this deliberately --
i decided that i was going to find something that made me happy and made me smile.
something that could fill a little bit of my life without eating my life completely.
i decided to cut my hair and fall in love with style.

...we'll see how i come out of it.

i promised myself that i would never again lead a life unexamined.

... i also promised myself that i would never again lead a life based on what other people think.

this is me.

...this is the life i mean for me. starting now.


so i've been searching around, looking for things and trying to set up how my dorm will look when i get back, etc. here's are a few things i found...

The Wave Pillowcase Set

Complete Embellishing by Kayte Terry

Born-Again Vintage

...there was other stuff...
this chair that i'm trying to get! (I want a chair to be able to chill and play my bass in... i think this would also be good as a prop for taking pictures :))

it looks like a good chair -- the wood is absolutely beautiful and the color of the upholstery is good too -- just needs a little lovin. :)

and for the curtain between Kate's side and my side -- i'm looking at these -- help me decide!