Friday, June 11, 2010

raw raw blah blah blah

So in case any of you haven't seen Lady Gaga's new video for "Alejandro" -- DON'T.

As a woman dedicated to modesty and purity, especially in relation to dignity, I am appalled and distraught to see Ms. Gaga's latest attempt at a music video. Lacking in much "thought provoking content" (I did find the "Bad Romance" video to be interesting and thought provoking, if a near occasion of sin as well), it seemed a visual display dedicated to erotica and practically pornography for the sake of... itself.

As some of you may know, I'm a Catholic. And though the latex nun suit was kinda cool (i can appreciate interesting fashion), I didn't find much of a commentary on it besides straight up blasphemy juxtaposed against the cross-on-the-crotch outfit that she pulls later. This time it wasn't just a near occasion of sin, it was outright depravity that I saw. I was offended, upset, and cried for my faith and for her. It was such a sad display, and I can't really be convinced that it was worth anything besides shock value. There was only one outfit i particularly liked, i don't find the song very interesting, and she straight up pulled the oldest hat in the book -- she was prejudiced and took painstaking measures to offend the only group on earth for whom it is still socially "acceptable" to berate: the Catholic Church.

She's passed the "good ol' days" of "Bad Romance" that made a social commentary while being dirty and trampy... she's sunk to a new level of raw while singing something that comes across as "blah blah blah" more than anything else.

thinking about Ms. Gaga today, i was reminded that I know (part of) the dance to "Bad Romance," so I decided to try out my hand at gifs with my outfit pics for today. :)
hope you think its as hilarious as i do!

today was an easy day, working in the house, making some stuff and cleaning up my disaster of a room (I had been hoarding stuff for years that I really would much rather not have, so I got rid of it!), and just chilling with the family. I have Fridays off, so its nice to have that time to just relax and have some sort of a summer!

gold tie blouse: thrifted, black leggings: Target, gold flats: Hot Kiss, AWESOME sunglasses: xhilaration/Target, bangle: thrifted/vintage, heart necklace: Target



Anonymous said...

i'm interested in how you define modest sometimes. you use leggings as pants and wear miniskirts (with leggings). like, i'm not offended by any of your outfits, and you're always covered, but some of it could be debatable in the more traditional sense.

i'm not trying to be rude or argumentative because i am never offended by your outfits, but yeah... *shrug* sometimes i wonder if they are modest.

Caitlin said...

lady gaga seriously scares me.

i love all the mustard yellow you've been sporting lately!