Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I know I know I'm horrible and I need to be flogged. But I guess I kinda fell out of it for a bit -- schoolwork ate my life and well --- its still eating my life but I really wanted to post some pics of Halloween! :)

Unknowingly, I did basically the same costume idea as Tavi, lookie she's a creepy doll too, but we did it two different ways which was nifty. : *

I also considered that perhaps the outfit could have been a version of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland -- the big bow as ears, and I had a beautiful pocket watch, and a white dress. Not unlike the rabbit, eh?

(Un)fortunately, the party I went to was easily designated as a "not cute" party, so I upped the creepy level by drawing cracks on my face as a broken porcelain doll. Nice. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

she's thinking how did I get here and wondering why

today was a good day. i went to Mass and that was wonderful and beautiful and potentially life changing on this particular day. sigh. news to come... perhaps... in the future. we'll see.

after Mass i went back to the Newman Center with Christine and she and i chilled and then i almost beat Steve O. at foosball. ROCKAWESOME. cept not quite the best. =/

after that -- i stopped by Pepin's apartment to drop off his Pirates hat, then we got a bunch of his friends and stuff and went to Skibo. :) it was a blast i had such a good time.

after that -- i went back to my room and changed and tried to deal with stupid US Bank who called about card fraud and stuff and i couldn't get a hold of them so that was frustrating.

aaaaand then i got changed and went to the park with Christine and we did homework there until i got so tired i fell asleep. after which we went to the library.

aaaand since my plans for the night got cancelled, i took a few pics and then went to CU at the Cathedral. That was fun. I'm glad I went.

And now I'm back in my room. And it is late. And it has been a long but fulfilling day, I must say.

Forever 21 white lace cap-sleeve blouse, navy tights, Gap high-waist khaki shorts, gifted blue bow clip, Cheng's white sneakers, random ribbon from the Gap, Magdalen medal, Kimchi Blue Ostrich lady bag


Oh -- and I took Talbo around with me today and a bit yesterday -- here he is, being so adventurous and trying new things!!

eating a Dozen cupcake!

meeting his new buddy, Jedediah!

being my foosball scorekeeper for the first time!

chilling with us at Skibo... he's naked so i thought it appropriate ;P


So the other night I found little Talbo hanging out at Urban Outfitters while I was shopping, and I fell head over heels in love.

Michelle, his godmother, was there to help with the "naming" of Talbo (after we gave him a permanent expression ;) and then we gave him his first ice cream. the following morning we made pancakes and he had his first pancakes.

So say hi to Talbo! My new best friend, and bestest Munny ever.

Munny via Urban Outfitters via KidRobot (check them out!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

every missing piece of me i can find in a melody

today is a good day. i finished Razor last night so i am looking forward to maybe watching a few episodes of Season 3 this weekend. :)
p.s. this weekend is going to ROCK -- thrifting today, vintage tomorrow, photoshoot on Sunday. awesommmme.

i had the most wonderful dream last night that not only did i get to meet Tavi, we lived close to each other and we hung out together all the time. goodness. if only that were true! XD
i woke up and i was so upset that my dreamworld was not real.

I went to a different area of Schenley Park today for photos. It is really beautiful. I'm upset at myself for not going there more often and sooner.

My outfit today was inspired in bits and pieces by a 60's flair. but i changed once i got back to my room because i got a package with the most adorable blue dress -- pics to come later. ^_^

plaid rainbow minidress - handmade vintage, navy tights, red leggings - Sidecca, white sneakers - Cheng's, oval drop necklace - gift, red headband - Goody, leaf cuff bracelet - Forever 21

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fires come but the truth burns on while we wait around to die

wow. today has been massively long and i really used up every single minute of today. no joke. got good sleep, got all of my work done. kind of. i had 200 pages of reading to do between yesterday and today and i basically skimmed probably 100 pages of it. soooo... i will be re-reading most of that this weekend. joy.

oh. and i made a wonderful graceful trip UP the stairs today on campus while EVERYONE was watching. at least, it felt that way. my backpack went over my head and knocked my bow off. :( it was pathetic, basically.

aaaand i wore one of my many pro-life t-shirts to class today. first time in class ever professing my love and respect for human life (yes, ALL human life, tyvm). i like the shirt. i get weird looks for it. oh... but thats not why i like it. lol.

i also got bored during class and between class and started drawing on myself. i wanted to make a thank you card for my favorite blogger and first inspiration, because I bought one of her dresses lately and i just wanted to... thank her. sooo i took inspiration from the every loverly rebecca of theclotheshorse (that is who i bought the dress from). aaaand this is what happened basically....

in OTHER news...
I am officially in love with Tavi. She is the 13-year old style prodigy who got to attend Weardrobe, was on the cover of Pop for this month, and is going to NY Fashion Week. Yeah. Not only do I envy her and want to be her... i want to squeeze her too. I just have a feeling that if i tried to do that she might wanna hit me. ;P

pic courtesy of Tavi's blog. go there. now.
Tavi G - the style rookie

in OTHER OTHER news...
idk. i don't really have a whole lot going on in my life right no----OH YEAH!!
I'm going shopping on Saturday. Vintage & thrifting. have i already mentioned that?
i'm just so stoked. i rarely get off campus so its always an adventure. well -- thrifting is always an adventure but going off campus is too so now its gonna be an ADVENTURE SQUARED!!! dude. so stoked.

i also want a Munny. yes.

...yes... they are DIY, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!!

hmmm.... finally... soooo here was my outfit for today. ^_^

"friend me if you're pro-life" t-shirt - CU pro-life students via March for Life, white sweater - Sidecca, black pencil skirt - Forever 21, navy tights, hand-me-down vintage "white paisley" belt, bow headband - Forever 21, white sneakers - Cheng's via Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

standard deviation

today i had stats. i like stats. its easy and it took me one night of reading through past lectures to catch up with the class and not feel lost. i love that. ;p

today i also have two papers to finish writing. one of which i'm pretty much done with -- the other will take more time. it'll certainly be interesting to see how this whole writing things pans out because i'm not the best writer in the world. not even close to par. ick.

and i realized that i'm really lacking in the whole accessories department when it comes to stuff for not-quite-freezing weather. i have plenty of cold weather scarves and leg warmers, etc., but i don't really have light scarves or head scarves or other knicknacks. this must be ameliorated!!!

it also recently hit me that since getting rid of him as my facebook friend, he has done exactly what i was kind of hoping for -- he has turned into blurs. just another guy in my past. of course, its fresher than all of my other relationships, but its happening. i'm beginning to move on. *sigh*

i also finished most of BSG: Razor last night -- but my computer froze on me. which stinks. i wanted to finish it.

oh -- and i'm beginning to feel slightly better. less of a sore throat. ooh -- which reminds me -- i should take my vitamins now!

cupcake shirt - Dozen cupcake shop, white beaded sweater - Sidecca, cupcake necklace - DIY, black wedges - me too, teal belt - Gap, skinny jeans - Ben Sherman, prescription glasses/frames - United Colors of Benetton, watch - Target

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

they think she's incomplete :: or -- my bangs are asymmetrical due to my cutting (in)abilities

today was such a long day -- i am exhausted and i feel a slight sore throat coming on -- i can say hello to cough drops and sleep then, hopefully. you can tell in my photos from today that i am exhausted. i look it.

speaking of which -- my pics today aren't that great because i went to a new place (in Schenley Park) and I had to try to find places to set my camera. I don't have a tri-pod so I'm awfully lacking in that department. oi. but i'm thinking of submitting these for the denim contest for weardrobe. let me know whatcha think :)

and over the course of today, while sitting in my classes, I realized that the right side of my bangs is a substantial bit longer than my left side, because my right side was in my eyes while my left side clearly was not. so i felt silly. i'll have to fix that.

in other news -- i found some really great for listening and dancing and just walking by going to Urban Outfitters. They gave me this awesome link. GO NOW. its good stuff. fer real.

well i think i'm going to go make some tea and rest now. i need to sleep or I will inevitably catch the swine flu (which has been going around CMU like wildfire).

Red camisole - Sidecca, School smock - handmade vintage, grey blouse - Carole Little hand-me-down, grey denim jeans - Seven, boots - Kenneth Cole Reaction, red belt - vintage hand-me-down, heart necklace - Target, teal granny beret - Sidecca, watch - Target, African malachite bracelet - gift, Christ & saints wood bracelet - gift, various rings - gifts

Monday, September 7, 2009

rainy days induce photographic fits

i have so much homework to do that i just keep trying to put off. perhaps i will take a nap to recharge my batteries a bit and then jump on the homework bandwagon.

earlier today, though, i hauled my tired butt over to the SigEp labor day barbecue on campus. it was moved indoors because it had started raining. and the moment i decided to go to the barbecue, I knew that i had to bring my camera and go take pictures. i love overcast weather and the beautiful shots that it can produce. so i did a mini photoshoot by myself, and thoroughly enjoyed trying to look inconspicuous to passersby who eyed me with curiosity. i might need to find a better place to shoot. mmm... and sooner or later i must find a nice open browned field to take pics in.

maybe i'll have to wait to go back to California for that. meh.

i had to show a detail of these buttons. love them. love them. love them.

i love this lace detail - i think it is absolutely gorgeous! it makes this pretty simple white tee into a very feminine piece of clothing.

pants - BB Dakota, via Jupe, shirt - Forever21, camisole - Sidecca, hat - Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters, shoes - me too, leaf cuff - Forever21, Christ & saints wood bracelet - gift from my grandmother, saint medals - gifts, crucifix ring - gifts