Friday, September 11, 2009

every missing piece of me i can find in a melody

today is a good day. i finished Razor last night so i am looking forward to maybe watching a few episodes of Season 3 this weekend. :)
p.s. this weekend is going to ROCK -- thrifting today, vintage tomorrow, photoshoot on Sunday. awesommmme.

i had the most wonderful dream last night that not only did i get to meet Tavi, we lived close to each other and we hung out together all the time. goodness. if only that were true! XD
i woke up and i was so upset that my dreamworld was not real.

I went to a different area of Schenley Park today for photos. It is really beautiful. I'm upset at myself for not going there more often and sooner.

My outfit today was inspired in bits and pieces by a 60's flair. but i changed once i got back to my room because i got a package with the most adorable blue dress -- pics to come later. ^_^

plaid rainbow minidress - handmade vintage, navy tights, red leggings - Sidecca, white sneakers - Cheng's, oval drop necklace - gift, red headband - Goody, leaf cuff bracelet - Forever 21