Saturday, September 5, 2009

looking as innocent as possible to get to they want and what they want -- its easy if you do it right

i'm exhausted. beat. but absolutely in love with this bow headband that i bought yesterday. its priceless. and according to a number of people, i pull it off quite well. hehe. ^_^

today i went to my first Pitt football game. i didn't thoroughly enjoy it, but i did meet some cool kids at the tailgate. part of me wishes i had just gone to the tailgate and not the game. meh.

i'm feeling a little all over the place right now -- kinda in the self-hate phase but at the same time i know that i need to keep my chin up. blech.

i also premiered another one of my outfits today -- and ended up with nacho cheese and chocolate on it. lamecakes! oh well -- it looked good. :)

bow headband - forever 21, shoes - kimchi blue via Urban Outfitters, shorts - H&M, shirt - H&M, leaf cuff - forever 21, belt - secondhand from my mother