Thursday, September 10, 2009

fires come but the truth burns on while we wait around to die

wow. today has been massively long and i really used up every single minute of today. no joke. got good sleep, got all of my work done. kind of. i had 200 pages of reading to do between yesterday and today and i basically skimmed probably 100 pages of it. soooo... i will be re-reading most of that this weekend. joy.

oh. and i made a wonderful graceful trip UP the stairs today on campus while EVERYONE was watching. at least, it felt that way. my backpack went over my head and knocked my bow off. :( it was pathetic, basically.

aaaand i wore one of my many pro-life t-shirts to class today. first time in class ever professing my love and respect for human life (yes, ALL human life, tyvm). i like the shirt. i get weird looks for it. oh... but thats not why i like it. lol.

i also got bored during class and between class and started drawing on myself. i wanted to make a thank you card for my favorite blogger and first inspiration, because I bought one of her dresses lately and i just wanted to... thank her. sooo i took inspiration from the every loverly rebecca of theclotheshorse (that is who i bought the dress from). aaaand this is what happened basically....

in OTHER news...
I am officially in love with Tavi. She is the 13-year old style prodigy who got to attend Weardrobe, was on the cover of Pop for this month, and is going to NY Fashion Week. Yeah. Not only do I envy her and want to be her... i want to squeeze her too. I just have a feeling that if i tried to do that she might wanna hit me. ;P

pic courtesy of Tavi's blog. go there. now.
Tavi G - the style rookie

in OTHER OTHER news...
idk. i don't really have a whole lot going on in my life right no----OH YEAH!!
I'm going shopping on Saturday. Vintage & thrifting. have i already mentioned that?
i'm just so stoked. i rarely get off campus so its always an adventure. well -- thrifting is always an adventure but going off campus is too so now its gonna be an ADVENTURE SQUARED!!! dude. so stoked.

i also want a Munny. yes.

...yes... they are DIY, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!!

hmmm.... finally... soooo here was my outfit for today. ^_^

"friend me if you're pro-life" t-shirt - CU pro-life students via March for Life, white sweater - Sidecca, black pencil skirt - Forever 21, navy tights, hand-me-down vintage "white paisley" belt, bow headband - Forever 21, white sneakers - Cheng's via Urban Outfitters