Monday, September 7, 2009

build me up, buttercup

so last night i went out with some of mah girls -- two from Chatham and one other girl from CMU. It was a blast and I got to visit the coolest coffee shop I've been to. It has a massive garage door as the storefront, and it opens to let people just enjoy the outside air. i wish I had taken pictures of the place instead of the surrounding area.

anyway, I discovered something new and shiny and brilliant today -- LEGO accessories.
yeah, i know right?

i loved building with Legos as a kid and I really never grew out of that. I mean -- i'm not a super brilliant Lego architect like some of my friends, but I still loved it. So I was absolutely ecstatic to find these and learn that I can make my own -- and do my own DIY geek chic!

Marc Jacobs did some, and I guess this desginer called Kasi Made did some awesome stuff too.

check it ooouuutt!!

now i have some awesome inspiration for my own projects! now my only problem is getting my hands on some old legos -- being away at school makes this slightly difficult. o_