Wednesday, September 9, 2009

standard deviation

today i had stats. i like stats. its easy and it took me one night of reading through past lectures to catch up with the class and not feel lost. i love that. ;p

today i also have two papers to finish writing. one of which i'm pretty much done with -- the other will take more time. it'll certainly be interesting to see how this whole writing things pans out because i'm not the best writer in the world. not even close to par. ick.

and i realized that i'm really lacking in the whole accessories department when it comes to stuff for not-quite-freezing weather. i have plenty of cold weather scarves and leg warmers, etc., but i don't really have light scarves or head scarves or other knicknacks. this must be ameliorated!!!

it also recently hit me that since getting rid of him as my facebook friend, he has done exactly what i was kind of hoping for -- he has turned into blurs. just another guy in my past. of course, its fresher than all of my other relationships, but its happening. i'm beginning to move on. *sigh*

i also finished most of BSG: Razor last night -- but my computer froze on me. which stinks. i wanted to finish it.

oh -- and i'm beginning to feel slightly better. less of a sore throat. ooh -- which reminds me -- i should take my vitamins now!

cupcake shirt - Dozen cupcake shop, white beaded sweater - Sidecca, cupcake necklace - DIY, black wedges - me too, teal belt - Gap, skinny jeans - Ben Sherman, prescription glasses/frames - United Colors of Benetton, watch - Target