Tuesday, September 8, 2009

they think she's incomplete :: or -- my bangs are asymmetrical due to my cutting (in)abilities

today was such a long day -- i am exhausted and i feel a slight sore throat coming on -- i can say hello to cough drops and sleep then, hopefully. you can tell in my photos from today that i am exhausted. i look it.

speaking of which -- my pics today aren't that great because i went to a new place (in Schenley Park) and I had to try to find places to set my camera. I don't have a tri-pod so I'm awfully lacking in that department. oi. but i'm thinking of submitting these for the denim contest for weardrobe. let me know whatcha think :)

and over the course of today, while sitting in my classes, I realized that the right side of my bangs is a substantial bit longer than my left side, because my right side was in my eyes while my left side clearly was not. so i felt silly. i'll have to fix that.

in other news -- i found some really great for listening and dancing and just walking by going to Urban Outfitters. They gave me this awesome link. GO NOW. its good stuff. fer real.

well i think i'm going to go make some tea and rest now. i need to sleep or I will inevitably catch the swine flu (which has been going around CMU like wildfire).

Red camisole - Sidecca, School smock - handmade vintage, grey blouse - Carole Little hand-me-down, grey denim jeans - Seven, boots - Kenneth Cole Reaction, red belt - vintage hand-me-down, heart necklace - Target, teal granny beret - Sidecca, watch - Target, African malachite bracelet - gift, Christ & saints wood bracelet - gift, various rings - gifts