Sunday, September 6, 2009

and the hero of this story don't need to be saved

today i finally trimmed up my bangs on my own. that was a bit of an experience. ;)

i met a new girl named Christine who is an absolute sweetheart -- i do hope that we become friends. She came over and made pancakes with me after Mass and that was a blast!

so i love this dress that i got yesterday -- for SUPAH CHEAP! (i have been wanting this dress for ages, so glad that i got it)

i just love feeling like a child. like the day could just go on forever and that play time never ends.

... alas, i do have homework and laundry to do.

dang being a grownup!

dress - BBDakota, via Jupe, shoes - Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters, bow headband - Forever 21, leaf cuff - Forever 21