Monday, September 7, 2009

rainy days induce photographic fits

i have so much homework to do that i just keep trying to put off. perhaps i will take a nap to recharge my batteries a bit and then jump on the homework bandwagon.

earlier today, though, i hauled my tired butt over to the SigEp labor day barbecue on campus. it was moved indoors because it had started raining. and the moment i decided to go to the barbecue, I knew that i had to bring my camera and go take pictures. i love overcast weather and the beautiful shots that it can produce. so i did a mini photoshoot by myself, and thoroughly enjoyed trying to look inconspicuous to passersby who eyed me with curiosity. i might need to find a better place to shoot. mmm... and sooner or later i must find a nice open browned field to take pics in.

maybe i'll have to wait to go back to California for that. meh.

i had to show a detail of these buttons. love them. love them. love them.

i love this lace detail - i think it is absolutely gorgeous! it makes this pretty simple white tee into a very feminine piece of clothing.

pants - BB Dakota, via Jupe, shirt - Forever21, camisole - Sidecca, hat - Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters, shoes - me too, leaf cuff - Forever21, Christ & saints wood bracelet - gift from my grandmother, saint medals - gifts, crucifix ring - gifts