Sunday, September 13, 2009

she's thinking how did I get here and wondering why

today was a good day. i went to Mass and that was wonderful and beautiful and potentially life changing on this particular day. sigh. news to come... perhaps... in the future. we'll see.

after Mass i went back to the Newman Center with Christine and she and i chilled and then i almost beat Steve O. at foosball. ROCKAWESOME. cept not quite the best. =/

after that -- i stopped by Pepin's apartment to drop off his Pirates hat, then we got a bunch of his friends and stuff and went to Skibo. :) it was a blast i had such a good time.

after that -- i went back to my room and changed and tried to deal with stupid US Bank who called about card fraud and stuff and i couldn't get a hold of them so that was frustrating.

aaaaand then i got changed and went to the park with Christine and we did homework there until i got so tired i fell asleep. after which we went to the library.

aaaand since my plans for the night got cancelled, i took a few pics and then went to CU at the Cathedral. That was fun. I'm glad I went.

And now I'm back in my room. And it is late. And it has been a long but fulfilling day, I must say.

Forever 21 white lace cap-sleeve blouse, navy tights, Gap high-waist khaki shorts, gifted blue bow clip, Cheng's white sneakers, random ribbon from the Gap, Magdalen medal, Kimchi Blue Ostrich lady bag


Oh -- and I took Talbo around with me today and a bit yesterday -- here he is, being so adventurous and trying new things!!

eating a Dozen cupcake!

meeting his new buddy, Jedediah!

being my foosball scorekeeper for the first time!

chilling with us at Skibo... he's naked so i thought it appropriate ;P


yiqin; said...

Love the color of the bag :)