Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy One Monthiversary!

So today is the "one-month" mark for Kyle and me ~ I know it's not that long, but i figured I should make some sort of a post on it. :)

Kyle and I at the Denovo wedding :D

He and I have been apart for over 2 weeks now, and for only one month together (and another 70 days to go on the other end of this summer) it could be long. But absolutely endurable, and worth it!!!

here are five (of the many) reasons why i've fallen for this gentleman...
(yes, these are some of the slightly superficial ones, but i'm not letting you into the deep recesses of my mind THAT easily...)

1. he's Catholic. very much so. he supports me in my faith journey and prays for me often.
2. he's shorter than me (not by much) yet he doesn't care.
3. he's a geek. (loves board games, video games, books, other geeky type things...)
4. he's classy. (this is a must for me... absolute must) -- he knows how to dance, dress well when the occasion calls for it, and he darn well knows chivalry. speaking of which...
5. he sent me my favorite flowers (yes, he took note of my favorite flowers -- Stargazer lilies) for our "one monthiversary." i cried. tears of shock and awe and wonder and gladness. they're still in their bulbs but they'll be blooming soon! beautiful!

Bon mois, ma chere!