Sunday, May 23, 2010

"you could be a part time model"

So recently i re-discovered the musical and comedic genius that is The Flight of the Conchords. Bret and Jemaine are just dreadfully wonderful, their humour is fantastic, and they have musical skills to match their looks: awkward, goofy, yet suprisingly seductive. :P

take for example this brilliant song~

I pulled out this song for a friend of mine who helped us out and modeled for Second Stitch earlier in the week, isn't she beautiful?!

alysia finger in 3PT, photo © Second Stitch Limited, 2010

So i guess you could see where the inspiration came from with the song and everything, perhaps?

anyway, so i have been photographing randomly, i love todays outfit but i have yet to take outfit pics today. so instead i'll post pics that kinda go with todays mood -- i'm a little down (i blame hormones), but its kinda a beautiful sad today. so these pictures, though not from today, do represent today's mood rather well.

skirt: vintage, shoes: lifestride for FF, jacket: Tulle, blouse: f21, tank: sidecca, tights: target, owl necklace: Tulle, headpiece: handmade by myself

THOUGH --yeahhh... i did start taking fish oil for my depression (its mild, and i don't think anything that would need more severe medication for) so we'll see if it works out! I am very hopeful, because its supposed to be a great "home" remedy for depression and the sort. Also started taking some vitamins in hopes that maybe it will help me start on a healthier daily regimen.

here's to hoping for sunny skies in my mental view!