Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movie suggestion: Cracks (2009)


Outside the sun shines
like the calm before the storm
everything is in its place
or is it really?
facades can only cover
just so long what is beneath
when a picture falls
protective glass cracks
hearts will weep when broken

~Lorraine Stark

First, please watch the trailer here. The film is a beauty to behold -
the costuming is gorgeous and hearkens back to the classy days of old.
How I wish I had lived then sometimes.

"Cracks" is about Fiamma, a Spanish Catholic girl who is new to the
elite boarding school in England. Miss G is the diving coach for the
young women, and has a secret that has yet to be completely exposed.

To sum it up... as the movie tag line goes...
"Innocence isn't lost. It's taken."

I highly recommend watching the movie at the least -- the plot is simple,
yet intriguing. And to the untrained eye, at least, it is filmed beautifully.


hannah said...

i really want to see this! just watched the trailer. love the costumes in it!