Sunday, August 16, 2009

and its the worst/best/hardest thing i have ever done

so i found this secret on PostSecret this morning...
i almost jumped out of my skin.
i feel like he could have written this about me after everything we've been through in the last 8 months -- and the last 5 weeks.

dang. i thought i was over this.
...well, i guess there will always be moments, eh?


in better news!

i am shipping my amp and my sewing machine tomorrow, and I only have 3 days until i am gone from here.

i've also found these -- and i can't begin to tell you how much i love them. :)

these wonderful prints are all beautiful works by Johnny Taylor, an artist currently based in L.A.
check him out here.

i hope your weekends have gone wonderfully ~ i will now head downstairs to eat pancakes :)


Anonymous said...

i love this. :)