Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer makes me smile

wow. i just discovered Etsy (as i just stated in my post below) and I went crazy! I shopped for things under $10, and I ended up buying quite a bit of stuff -- all so summery and happy and bright! I can't wait to get them all!

Polka Dot Culottes

I love these! The high waist is my favorite part -- how breezy and easy these culottes look -- perfect for Pittsburgh in the summer!

Vintage Model's Coat Cute Duster with Apple Print
this dress really stuck out to me -- so bright and colorful! in the past i've been known to be very color-shy and print-phobic, so i love that i'm finally breaking out of that!

Vintage Smart Sally's School Smock
I just thought this was too adorable -- and i just couldn't help but picture myself in it with some leggings or shorts, jumping around.

Too Cute Rainbow 70s Mini Tent Dress
So, getting away from that whole color-phobic thing -- I bought this "too cute" dress. i love that it has pockets and that i can wear it with or without a belt. Unfortunately, the wonderful yellow belt and the owl pendant aren't included. :( they go so perfectly! guess i'll need to find something that fits my own style to go with it. :)

Vintage Vending Machine Pepsi and 7up Necklaces
when i saw these i knew i had to get them -- i only wish there had been three instead of two. sweet :)

and... i didn't get this from Etsy but off ebay -- and i love it.
way to tie my vintage love to my faith!

Virgin Mary Jesus Bottle Cap Necklace Art Catholic

So i am going to see (500) Days of Summer tonight -- for the second time (yes i already stated this in my prior post today, i know). The sad part is i have nothing particularly cute to wear tonight. I am going to watch a movie with my fashion inspiration as the leading lady -- and I have nothing Zooey-esque to wear! What a crime!!


I just can't wait to go back to Pittsburgh at this point -- i have so much planned for when i get back! <3