Thursday, August 13, 2009

here is there and now is always

"Beyond happiness or unhappiness, though it is both things, love is intensity; it does not give us eternity but life, that second in which the doors of time and space open just a crack: here is there and now is always." - Octavio Paz

I would say that's a pretty perfect description of (500) Days of Summer.

...or my life right now.

I cannot wait to go back to school. 7 days and i will be there! yay Pittsburgh!
Oh--and i apologize for the lack of real camera -- as soon as I learn how to work the settings on mine (likely when i get back to school and can use Ps too...)

...So I am already putting up my day 2 post because i have been packing for school and I wanted to try on some outfits before I packed them all up. I have 6 days to takeoff, and I want to make sure that I get everything into my two suitcases!

So i picked out my outfit for tomorrow, and I tried on my GORGEOUS new shoes.

LifeStride - Smith, grey

hiya! ~ shirt-Carole Little, leggings-xhilaration via Target, shoes-LifeStride, belt-seconhand, necklace-Target

love this ~ I took one thick strand of hair and twisted it, and put it up with a barrette such that the twist stayed, the loop stayed, and the end looked like a little plume. ;)

i put together my outfit for tomorrow ~ shirt-Forever21, shorts-Cell via Sidecca, sandals-b.o.c. via famous footwear, bracelets-Claire's, barrette-my aunt's, necklace-Target, belt-secondhand