Thursday, August 13, 2009

my new fetish

*~*post taken from my other blog, from the night it all began - 8.11.09*~*

I never really thought I would say it --

but here goes...


I have a fashion fetish.


...I find myself looking at shoes and dresses and hair accessories like there is no tomorrow.

How did this all start, you may ask?
How did the nonchalant girl who once didn't care at all about what she was wearing, what the fashion was, what she looked like at all -- now suddenly be spending hours online looking at clothing?

Well, number one, its not like I can't go around in a tshirt and shorts. I still do that quite often. In fact, I am right now. I still don't take too much time to get prepared for anything, but suddenly I find myself very interested in a different style, a different way of being nonchalant and carefree.

You see, I watched (500) Days of Summer... and fell in love.

(I will eventually write up some sort of an amateur review on the movie and what I thought of it after having seen it for the third time, likely...)

...I fell in love with Zooey Deschanel and her adorable wardrobe. The thing is, in the movie, she wears a lot of the stuff that she normally wears day-to-day. She has a very eclectic and individual style. There have even been clothing pieces named after her. From the bows to the long, wispy hair with the bouncy bangs; and the high-waisted pants and the breezy sundresses... she is the idol of the modern-day indie/vintage/mod girl. in my experience of this movie (it truly is an experience, I assure you. I have never related so well to a movie) I came out of it wanting to try what she wore. In the course of the movie I sometimes saw myself as Summer, and I often commented, "goshdarnit i wanna be that cute." So I went and tried. I came out of the subsequent shopping experience extremely pleased to learn that I had finally found my niche in the fashion world: I belonged with some of my greatest film and music faves in the multi-genre of indie/vintage/mod.

My favorite thing about the style is that it fits my body in the best way, and shows off my assets: I've been told that I have "rockin' curves" and a near-hourglass figure. 38-29-39. The high waisted jeans and shorts, the pencil skirts, the fitted cocktail dresses. Even just a simple tank top and a high-waisted skirt works wonders for showing off my waistline without being immodest or taking too much energy.

The absolutely wonderful thing that I have found in searching for all the indie/vintage/mod clothing is that some of my biggest musical inspirations (She & Him - Zooey Deschanel; Rilo Kiley - Jenny Lewis; Regina Spektor) all fit into this clothing genre (at least somewhat). I am absolutely jealous of Jenny's ability to wear brown (I can't, it just looks horrible on me -- black hair and pale skin just won't do it for some reason) and Zooey's uncanny capacity to wear a bow at the age of 29 and look freaking adorable ALL THE TIME. And to both of them... I am SO jealous that they can wear bangs. According to my mom, bangs never did look good on me. Considering I don't remember this at all, I figure I will try to grow my hair out and once I do that, decide on whether I will cut the hair to make bangs or not. So that will be a while. I have at least a year, in all likelihood.

So, I guess I will share with you some of the things I am looking at right now... and share the sites they come from.


My new favorite online store is --
and here are the items I've been looking at from this site (its a 24-item list, I will only post about 7 so you don't get too overwhelmed!)

poppy fields dress

sailing lessons dress

home ec dress

short stop skirt

wildflower confetti skirt

skipper shorts

sew charming necklace


Another one that I am really enjoying is --
and here is my shortlist of what interests me here

black polka dot me high waist skirt

dark jeans romper shorts jumpsuit

gray sweater high waisted skirt

high waisted navy bow tie skirt

nissi high waist skinny black jeans


I also have found a few things at Lulus --

BB Dakota aspiring tank dress in black and white

Madison polka dot dress

rendezvous pencil skirt in black


The other three mainline stores that I am looking forward to visiting are H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. They seem to have a pretty decent variety of interesting stuff. ^_^

There are also a couple of vintage shops that I hope to hit up once I get back to Pittsburgh: Eons, and Hey Betty.

It all makes me so happy, though. I feel like I am truly happy for the first time in 4 weeks. Its... liberating. I think it has more to do with the other aspects of life than the fashion, but its a great feeling nonetheless.

Anyway... its getting very late and I have a doctor's appointment in the morning.

Goodnight, and God bless.