Thursday, August 13, 2009

traveling one step at a time

"Remember that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination." ~Roy M. Gooman

So I won't have any outfits to show you for a while -- I packed all of my clothes into my loverly suitcases and i packed so tightly that i don't want to risk pulling anything out. >_<
So a whole leg of traveling coming for me soon enough, right now i'm enjoying my remaining time home. I will be seeing (500) Days of Summer again today... yes i love it that much!

I do have some special desires right now, though....

this adorable piece...

Vintage Model's Coat Cute Duster with Apple Print

and this one...

Vintage Early 1960s Dress Green with Lacy Trim

i am in love with this dress, except for the pocket. maybe if i got it i could make the pocket look better. that poodle is not my style..

Vintage 1960s Dress or Housedress with Poodle Pocket

goodness... i seem to have just discovered the beauty that is Etsy...