Monday, August 31, 2009

happiness damn near destroys you

so i had been having a wonderful, beautiful day. i woke up, got ready, went to a meeting for the Newman Clubs and participated (yay!), talked and walked with Father Josh, did homework, and played games. and lots of foosball. and more games. and more foosball. and i almost beat Father Josh. so close. but alas. i did not. and at the end of the night i was hoping that Stephen and i would play each other but he just left. and things kinda went downhill for the next 10 minutes. and i felt horrible.

knowing what happiness feels like is absolutely brutal when you are experiencing the basic opposite.

and trying my best to be happy and fight through my heartache is tough, but i know i need to do it.

anyway, i still have homework to do so i'm going to go do that now!

shirt - Sidecca, shorts - Reebok, secondhand from my mom, belt - secondhand, tights - Target, headband - Claire's, shoes - Rocketdog